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If your car engine makes these 5 noises, Call Kelowna Auto Mechanic

Cars make noise all the time. In, fact, there is some level of fear when you sense that your ride is too quiet. Some are normal noises while others indicate serious problems. Of all the noises, those coming from the engine are the most dreaded. Why? Engine repairs are not cheap and could eat into your years of savings in a blink of an eye. Therefore, you are not paranoid when you drive straight to your Kelowna auto mechanic the moment you hear any weird noise from your engine.

To help you know the kind of engine noises that you should deal with immediately, this post presents to you 5 of the most notorious;

Grinding noise

There are two occasions when you can hear your engine grind. When you start your car and the first reaction you get is grinding, it points an issue with the starter motor. It needs a replacement and the noise will be gone for good.

However, it should worry when you hear the grinding noise accompanies gear shifting. The transmission is the culprit. If you are lucky, some repairs will solve the problem but you may have to foot a transmission replacement bill.

Engine squealing

Squealing or chirping engine noise is a nuisance you cannot put up with. It happens every time you hit the car’s accelerator and points out to a collection of problems. If your vehicle is old, the accessory belts are at the center of this. They are either worn out or loose thus you should have them replaced or adjusted to acceptable tautness. New cars are not spared from this kind of noise. In their case, it is most probably a problem with the serpentine belt. This belt is packed up with multiple accessories that make sure of a smooth engine operation. There are no two ways about it, you need to have the problem checked and fixed right away.

Knocking sound

This is a common sound from engines. And while you may dismiss it as not serious, you should rethink that. It is telling you that there is something wrong with the combustion streams. This can lead to the engine’s overheating and a lot of other things can go wrong. What you need right now is a thorough check of the cooling system and immediate remedy from a trusted auto expert.

Popping sounds

The last time you heard your exhaust popping it did not go well, right? It will not go well this time round too. One probability is that there is a leak and the fuel injector is the black cat in this problem. It could as well be a problem with the muffler holes. Enough with the guesses; go to an auto expert near you and get an accurate diagnosis.

Rattles and rumbles

Most of the times, rattling and rumbling do not come from the engine. They are associated with the exhaust system. It could be a hole or loose hoses within the exhaust matrix. Tightening and replacements will put these noises to bed.

Rattles and rumbles from the engine happen when you stop at traffic lights. They point to a deep-seated problem with the catalytic converter. You can only solve this with a replacement.

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When Your Coquitlam Air Conditioning Needs Repairs

The worst news you can ever receive from your Auto mechanic

Any time you drive to an auto repair shop, your fingers are crossed that it is nothing serious. In your mind you expect to hear things like:

  • It was a lose belt, I have adjusted and you are ready to roar
  • The dog puke has a lot of dirt, we will clean it while you wait
  • A wire was detached, I returned it to its place and won’t charge you a dime

These and a lot of other news from your auto mechanic definitely put a smile on your lips. However, it is never always this rosy. Some news will shake you and you had better hear them while seated. In this post, we gathered some of the worst news an auto owner can hear from an auto mechanic:

Your A/C Needs Repairing

There is never a good time to lose your cooling system ….. but why does it always happen when you are headed out of town for a vacation? Maintenance is the key and calling your Coquitlam auto air conditioning repair specialist at the first sign of problems will save you a lot of money in the long run

  1. The engine is Hydrolocked

Water may be the most abundant compound on earth but there are areas and parts it is not supposed to touch. Your iPhone, for instance. When it comes to cars, the engine’s cylinders loathe water. In the cylinders there are fuel droplets and air. With a press from the piston, the air is compressed to increase pressure and everything falls in place. When water is present, there is zero compression and the piston and its components bear the wrath. The parts attached to the piston are prohibitively expensive and when they are broken and bent, your bank account will equally suffer.

  • Transmission STB

When you car is in drive, it doesn’t move an inch. It is scaring. But we know why. The transmission Soiled The Bed. On this one, there is good and bad news. What do you want first, the good or the bad? You are lucky; the engine is still intact and functional. The bad news, it is no longer in sync with the wheels. You have a transmission revolt and this is not going to be a cheap affair.

  • Seized engine

Do we have engine seizures? You wonder. Yes, engines are seized due to lack of lubrication. What this means is that the engine metallic components decided to eat into each other and what remains is a melted heap of useless metal. That’s not even the worst news. What will drive you crazy is the news that no one can repair a seized engine. You need a new or used engine. The melted glob has no further use other than find its way to the scrap metal reservoir near you.

  • Transmission fluid missed its path and ended up into the brake fluid reservoir

You just added transmission fluid to the brake reservoir! You will be lucky if you noticed this mistake before pressing on the brake pedal. Get your vehicle towed to your local auto mechanic. Your fine will be to replace the master cylinder. But if luck was not on your side today and the transmission fluid circulated all over the brake system, every part of the system has to be replaced. You had better have a good credit limit because you are about to jump into a frying pan of expenses.

  • Blown head gasket

 Your mechanic will be like, “The stuff exiting your car’s tailpipe is not water, it’s the coolant”.

If there is a part you do expect to see the antifreeze, the tailpipe is the least of them all. But your mechanic just confirmed it. The cooling system has to be sealed off and keep the antifreeze within its designated loop. Due to overheating, the coolant may find its way into the fuel channels and the engine cylinders. In this case, it will exit through the tailpipe. By then you should know that things are gravely wrong. The gasket is blown or the head is cracked.  … Read the rest