For the first time the lights were on in October at the El Paso Speedway Park. It was also the 1st annual West Texas Shoot Out!! It was a full weekend of USRA Xmods, Southern Sport Mods, and B-mods, followed with the USRA Street Stocks, and Casa Nissan Legends.
   The Legends had a huge pay day, by Casa Nissan "Home of the Nice Guys" it was a $1,500 to win. So these guys were going to get any track position that they could. The nerves were high. You could tell as in the beginning Joe Alvarado spun out in the exit of two while he had the lead. So the 1st yellow of the night. On the restart entering turn one, now Joshua Jackson would come to a stop, due to his car breaking down. So his night came to an end. At the green, Alan Gattis, piloting the #18 car of Juan Esquivel for the weekend. Boy, was he flying tonight as he got that car to run, he would lead some laps until Dusty Riggs passed him like he was parked. Dusty would take off and never be seen again with the lead. Your winner for the 1st Annual West Texas Shootout in the Casa Nissan Legends, Dusty Riggs out of Hatch, NM in the Thunder Head Fabrication, TA Shops of Las Cruces, Riggs Electric, Desert Spring Produce #96.
   The USRA Street Stocks were next up, it was good, as John McDaniel was giving Donavon Flores some competition. McDaniel would put up a fight but, man, Flores was tough to beat! His car worked fine in the high line of the speedway. He would get John McDaniel. So Flores would run away.  Now, John McDaniel was fighting for 2nd, as Jerrad Warhurst was working on him from 3rd. McDaniel would hold on to 2nd but wouldn't get Flores. So, Donavon Flores would win the main event for the USRA Street Stocks.
    It was time for 24 drivers that made it to the main out of 53 car making the call for the 1st Annual West Texas Shootout. 40 Laps was the call, it was AJ Huebner in the lead at the beginning of the race. Until Tom Conner passed like he was asleep. Conner would run away quickly. Later, John Carney, Sr., and Donavon Flores show up to the party. John would battle Huebner for 2nd, then Flores worked on Carney. Patrick Carney looked like the one to beat, but he ended up finishing 18th. John tried catching the "Junk Yard Dog" (Tom Conner) but couldn't.
  Later in the race Tom better run because here comes Brandon Farrington. Brandon would move to 2nd and he is MOVING! A few laps later a left front a arm would give up on his car. He would spin out of turn 4. So John didn't have to worry about Brandon, as he goes to the back. Now in the restart, Tom just left them in the dust! John Carney, Sr. would come home 2nd, then Donavon Flores, with Terry Belcher, Sr., and ending the top 5 was AJ Huebner.
   But passing the tech station, came home legal and get's the pay day of $5,000 was the Las Cruces, New Mexico racer TOM CONNER!! (14X)
by Ruben Mireles
Winners from Saturday's West Texas Shootout: Tom Conner (XMODS), Donavon Flores (Street Stocks), Dusty Riggs (Casa Nissan Legends), AJ Huebner (Dash For Cash).