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El Paso Speedway Park
May 24, 2013 Race: 
The Experience

  The race begins, and as spectators gather in the stands, the roar of the engines thunder all around the speedway. An adrenaline rush undulates throughout spectators’ bodies; no one is safe from the exhilaration and thrill this race brings. The green flag waves deli- berately against the wind, and the audience hollers with excitement, watching closely at the racers’ every move as they dash at about 100 mph. The racers have one objective in mind: to win. 
  Their determination and skills are in display for the whole audience to observe and admire. It is an unbelievable and electrifying experience that leaves spectators wanting more each time. 
  As you enter the speedway through the gates, the fresh smell of wet clay, fills your nostrils; and as you make your way towards the stands, you notice a delicious aroma of hamburgers and other goodies that linger through the air.    While at the stands you anticipate the moment until the race begins, whether it is for street stocks, super trucks, x-mods or winged sprints, there is no feeling like the one when you see such exquisite pieces of machinery out in the field dash right in front of you.
Running at about 100 mph, these racing vehicles generate a flowing, rumbling wave that you feel from the soles of your shoes all the way to your upper body. You feel the excitement, and you lose yourself in the race. Every now and then you flinch at the sight of two vehicles that come dangerously close to each other, which only adds to the excitement after you realize what a close call that was. Lastly, one cannot forget to mention – the dirt. If you are in the front rows of the stands as the vehicles race through the tracks, particularly the  winged sprints, expect to get a little dirty; as the vehicles drift through the pit, some of the dirt is lunged up in the air towards the crowd; and not until you have felt the cool, wet dirt hit your skin, can you say you have lived through the speedway experience. It is an outlandish but enjoyable initiation tradition. 
   The incredible experience the speedway presents is the reason why spectators continue to come down to the Speedway every weekend. Some individuals have attended this show for numerous years, but regardless of how many times they’ve seen something like this before, the thrill of the race still overwhelms their senses. Meanwhile, there are others who have never been to the speedway; however, once they go through the experience and sense the thrill, it is almost certain they’ll want to visit the speedway again. A little boy, who was no more than 10-years-of-age, commented on what his first experience was like, he stated: “[it was] the best night of my life?. Certainly, he will be visiting the El Paso Speedway Park again soon.