The action returned to the 'Fastest Track In The Borderland' with the USRA Dirt Modifieds, USRA D&S Roadside Service Street Stocks, Herb-n-Legend X Mods, Hornets, and the Super Trucks. 
Main Event Winners Fito Gallardo (USRA Modifieds), Donavon Flores (USRA Street Stocks), Garrett Alberson (Super Trucks), Patrick Carney (Herb-n-Legends XMods), and Ben Ives (Hornets). Sherman Barnett Wins the 2013 Super Trucks Championship.
 The Super Trucks started the night with a good show as it was a Teddy McCutcheon going at it for the lead with Garrett Alberson. Following them was Sherman Barnett. Barnett used the  whole track, bottom, top and everything in between, looking for a spot to pass. Sherman Barnett was going for the season points championship. Ismael Garcia had to finish the race to win the series. But Ismael pulled off with 9 laps to go, due to a tire going down. So, Sherman Barnett took the championship for the Super Trucks! But at the end for the win, Garrett Alberson had the faster truck in the exit of turn 4, he was making a move to beat McCutcheon to the flag. He might have won the main if the flag stand was 1 foot farther down the track. In the tech area, Teddy McCutcheon was disqualified for a broken MSD Chip, so, Garrett Alberson ended up with the win in the Super Trucks. Behind the scene, though, Garrett Alberson went to Teddy and gave him the trophy.
  The Herb-n-Legend X Mods lined up for their show with 17 cars checking in. The early stages of the race had the Gonzalez brothers were running one and two. Michael held on to first until a restart wasn't that great for him. Then, Alex was putting on a strong fight to hold on to the top 5. Dickie Gorham was giving Alex everything he had to get the lead. Gorham was able to get the lead, then, here comes his son, Gregory Gorham!! Gregory moved to 2nd quickly but not for long because Patrick Carney was on the move!! Carney was now battling Dickie for the lead. Patrick finally did get it and took the win for the USRA Herb-n-Legends X Mods. Patrick Carney sits as the point's leader, and he is you 2012 defending track champion. 

​The Hornets put on a good show for only having 5 cars check in. Andre Gonzalez was on the poll with his dad to the outside. The green flag waved and man, did Ben Ives get to work!! Ben got to the lead in no time, then, following him was Andre Gonzalez. Gonzalez later on had company as Larry Maag moved into 3rd. He was headed to challenge for 2nd. Maag went to the inside, he made the pass, but Andre was on the gas and they were DRAG RACING FOR 2ND!!!! Larry eventually did clear him. Two weeks ago, Larry Maag was in the lead and his teammate, Ben Ives, was chasing him. Now, two weeks later, it's the opposite. Ben Ives was leading and Larry Maag tried passing him. But tonight it was Ben Ives with the Hornet main event win!!! 
  It was USRA D&S Roadside Service Street Stock time and it was sizing up to be a good one. Veronica Gonzales was leading the opening laps until a yellow came out for Bobby Kimpel, who spun with 17 laps to go. On the restart, Donavon Flores was on the move, a couple of laps in Flores went 3 WIDE FOR THE LEAD!! Veronica hit the pot hole that was in turn 3 and that sent her for a WILD RIDE!! She almost flipped the car! A lot of people thought Flores had hit her but he didn't, he was in the high line. Veronica's night came to an end after that. On the restart Donavon Flores held onto the lead. He just dominates around the track. The "DareDevil" Cheyenne Arone came to 2nd after starting 13th!! The "Cruse Missle" Brandon Cruse was DRAG RACING ARONE FOR 2ND!! Those two staid side by side to the end!! Cheyenne would hold on at the checker flag for 2nd, Brandon Cruse came home in 3rd. Your winner, in the number 07, was "FIREBALL" Donavon Flores!!!! 
  The USRA Dirt Modifieds Feature was a great race!! A pair of MVT cars were on the pole, Royal Jones and Jimmy Ray!! At the drop of the green, Jimmy Ray stormed to the lead, Jones would run 2nd. Then came the O'neil brothers, Nick, followed by Jake. The Gallardos checked in late so they start in back and man, did they come quick!! They passed the whole top 5 like they were parked!! Christy Georges was trying to stay in the top 5 all night but she had to battle Royal Jones and Jimmy Ray along with Jake O'Neil and Nick! They were 2 wide, then 3 wide all the way around just to stay in the top 5. While they were doing that, there was about 20 lap cars all over the place, it was crazy!! But Fito was just too fast for anyone to catch. Jacob Gallardo ran 2nd, with Jake O'neil in 3rd, Royal Jones 4th, and Jimmy Ray 5th.
by Ruben Mireles