The rumble of the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint cars roared at the El Paso Speedway Park for one last time this 2013 season, it was also the last night for the USRA Herb'n Legend X Mods, Casa Nissan Legends, and the USRA Street Stocks. The track tonight was in 1,000% excellent shape! It was a great way to end the season. 
Minks Motorsports'  Rick Ziehl Wins Season Finale ASCS 305 Winged Sprints Feature Event, Christy Georges Wins  Herb-n-Legends XMods Main Event, Brandon Cruse Wins Street Stocks Main Event, and Brady La Bree (not shown) Wins Casa Nissan Legends Main Event.
   The Herb'n Legend X Mods had a ball with this track!! They had 20 laps of action to start the night's main races. Javier Zapien, Jr. and Mingo Jauregui were side by side early on in the race going for the lead. Christy Georges started 8th, moving quickly up to 3rd. In no time, and I mean no time! The track was so great that the X Mods were 3 wide, side by side THE WHOLE RACE! It was great! Sometimes even four wide!! So, back into the X-mod action, it was Sherman Barnett giving them a run for their money. He was battling Paddy Rush for 4th. Then, a turn of events in this race, as Mingo Jauregui spun!! After that on the restart Christie Georges took the lead with Sherman Barnett following. Paddy Rush was still in the hunt, wanting to get around Sherman. But Sherman would hold him off all the way to the end of the race. The "Junk Yard Dog" Tom Conner had also made the call. His agenda was getting the car ready for the upcoming West Texas Shoot Out. He ran 4th and the car was good. Expect him to be in the run for the $5,000 purse offered for the Shootout. Winning the final main event of the year for the Herb'n Legend X Mods was Christy Geroges and picking up the 2013 Championship once again is Patrick Carney! 

    The Casa Nissan Legends was a good race with this "Dynamite" track. Tom Zuloaga just had to start the heat race and he would win the 2013 Championship for the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest. So, Tom started the heat race and raced the main, beating brother Mike Zuloaga for the championship. We don't know how that went when they were at the dining table Sunday afternoon, but in the A-main it was good as the Zuloaga brothers were side by side. So were Brady Labree and Robert Sheppard in his #72. Those four cars all had a piece of the lead at one point and fell back to 4th. They were 3 wide, side by side, through the whole race!! Sometimes they were even 4 WIDE!!! Mike had the lead until Labree passed him, then Tom got in the party. Labree, at the end, took the lead and ran away as Sheppard just dropped to the back of the field, then the Zuloaga brothers got loose. Brady Labree wins another main event for the Casa Nissan Legends of The Southwest at the El Paso Speedway Park.
    In the USRA Street Stock party it was John McDaniel vs. Gill Almanza early in the race for the lead. Almanza was making it a drag race out of turn 4 when he goofed up and left John McDaniel with the lead. Franky Ray, in the #55, was coming to the front to challenge John. Franky was a rocket in the high line of the speedway!! Franky took the lead like it was nothing. Later on, a caution came out for Garrett Stearns, as he got involved with an accident with Donavon Flores down the back straight. On the restart the "Cruse Missle" was on the move!! He took over the lead. After that he would not let go and he won the main event for the USRA Street Stocks. Donavon Flores won the 2013 Championship for the USRA Street Stocks, completing an unbelievable season as he almost won every main event this year. 
  The fans were ready for the return of the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint cars, as it was a month since we saw them race due to the rain out two weeks ago. But they were back better than ever, with a fast track to boot. Butch Box and Rick Ziehl started on the first row. With the green flag waving, Butch took off along with Ziehl. Rick took no time to get to the lead. Lorne Wofford started 9th after winning our last weekly show a month ago. Well, that was no problem for him as he and Cesar Fuentes came through the field quickly! Fuentes was going side by side with Lorne Wofford!! Fuentes had the high line, Wofford had the bottom. Then, in turns 3 and 4, Fuentes showed Lorne the high line. Well, Lorne took the high line and left Cesar in the dust. Wofford went right up to second and was trying to pass Rick Ziehl. But, Wes Wofford showed up to the party! It was a father and son battle for the 2nd spot. Wes would get it!! But Lorne said not today, as he caught up to Wes and passed him, but it wasn't easy by any stretch. So, while they battled, Rick's lead grew even more! So, Lorne was left to settle with 2nd, and Rick Ziehl, with  night away from the ASCS 360's Title chase, and Minks Motorsports were back at their home town track dominating the Renegade ASCS 305 Sprint Car Main Event!! Casey Minks made a good call putting Rick Zeihl behind the #1x Friday night. Lorne Wofford might not have won the main event, but he did capture the 2013 Championship for the Renegade ASCS 305 Sprint Cars at El Paso Speedway Park!! 
   Another season goes in the books and it was probably one of the best of the years. We have to thank all the loyal fans that came out and supported us whether the weather was nice or bad! Thank you!!! We would like to also say Thank You to 96.3 KHEY Country, Hiney's Sports Bar, Border International, Pepsi, Mesilla Valley Transportation, Barnett Harley Davidson, O'Reilly Auto Parts, and Gallardo Construction for sponsoring us at the El Paso Speedway Park this 2013 season.
by Ruben Mireles