The USRA Dirt Modifieds, CDM Late Models, and the Hornets were unloading at the "Park" for the last time this 2013 racing season. At this point of the season the competition is 'EXPLOSIVE'! The USRA Street Stocks have one more race in the season. They will end it next week with the  return of the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprints, Casa Nissan Legends, and the USRA Herb'n Legend X Mods. 
     After getting rained out the week before we came back 110% ready!! With the track having a lot of moisture in the bottom, during the night it just came up through the track. So, it was a heavy, wet track all night. The CDM Late Models tackled the track first and man, they had no problem. Well, at least some drivers didn't, like Sherman Barnett and Cliff Hansen. They would battle for the lead early on. Sherman soon left Cliff in the mud. Hansen gave him a run to worry about in the beginning though! Barnett ran away with the lead, while Jimmy Ray was on the move. Jimmy was in a rush to the front as he got to 2nd but time ran out for him. It was a 15 lap main event. Scott Logston was trying to win the championship over Garrett Alberson. Alberson didn't make the call, he went to Canyon, AZ to race a big Late Model show. So, Scott Logston who came home in 3rd, takes the title for the CDM Late Models!  Scott ate his Wheaties, and got the job done!!! 
Dr. Tom Georges Wins USRA Modifieds Feature Event Friday Night, Austin Adams Clinches The 2013 USRA Modifieds Championship At The Park, Scott Logston is the 2013 Late Models Champion and Rudy Tarin III takes the 2013 Hornets Championship
   In the USRA Street Stocks heats, Jerrad Warhurst was looking good, as well as Brandon Cruse in George La Rose's car. Michael Medina and Gill Almanza were battling for the top 5 in points!! Those two were all about getting into the top 5, so tonight Michael knew he had to put on a good performance. Well, he started in the front of the back, and moved to 2nd quickly. He was having a handful with Brandon Cruse, as he and Cruse were side by side for about 4 laps for 2nd. Medina was using the bottom of the track. The bottom line would go away later on in the race which was bad news for Medina. Brandon Cruse was  on a run away. But Jerrad Warhurst was still in command, as he had a whole straightaway lead on Cruse. A yellow flag came out and look who was knocking on the door! None other than Mr. Brandon Cruse! Donavon Flores pulled off the track 6 laps into the race with a  rear end issue.  On the restart it was a SIDE BY SIDE BATTLE FOR THE LEAD!! Warhurst vs. Cruse! They were battling it out, and boy, it was good!! The fans were biting on their nails, saying "Who is it going to be!!" Another yellow and this time it was a  Green, White, Checker!!! It was overtime for the USRA Street Stocks. Cruse had another chance but he couldn't get Jerrad. But I'll tell you what, Cruse made him race for that one!! So did Warhurst. They didn't touch one time, that was a "DYNAMITE" good sportsmanship race. 
 The Hornets final time rolling onto the speedway for 2013 was next as the "MAAG" Larry Maag was trying to beat The Tarins, and Ben Ives for the championship!! Rudy Tarin III was showing the way early in the race, with Andre Gonzalez following him. Andre gave a him a bit of a challenge. Larry Maag and Rudy Tarin, Jr. were going at it for 3rd. Maag was winning that battle, he's gained 3rd. Then, Andre pulled off the track as he was having a solid run in 2nd. So, Larry Maag  moved to second, still trying to get in range of Rudy Tarin III for the lead, but Rudy was well gone with this one. The new battle on the track was Ben Ives and Larry Maag. Ben tried to get around his teammate, but Larry fought to the end. He placed 2nd, then it was Ben Ives. Rudy Tarin III wins the main event, and clinches the 2013 Hornets Championship in the final race for the year.
    It was time for the ultimate showdown for the USRA Dirt Modifieds!! It was Austin Adams vs. Royal Jones for the tittle of the 2013 Champion of the El Paso Speedway Park. Early in the race it was Javier Zapin, Jr. and Royal Jones battling for the lead, with Christy Georges going 3 wide for the lead into 3 and 4. She didn't slam the brakes hard enough and that car went flying FULL BLAST INTO THE SIGNS IN 3 AND 4!! That car was junk after that accident. So a complete restart had to be called out. Austin Adams jumped out in front of Royal by one position. But with yellow after yellow the heavy track was killing the engines of some drivers. Fito Gallardo said "I just pulled off because I wasn't going  anywhere, and I wasn't going to risk hurting my engine on this heavy track." In fact, Royal Jones had already been a victim, losing his motor in the heats. So Fito pulled off, Jacob holds on to 2nd. Tom Georges worked himself into the lead with his brand new Jimmy Ray engine. Austin was trying to pass Royal Jones. Jones, who was running a spare motor, went by him early on in the race. Suddenly, Jones was snake bit again, losing a second motor and ending his challenge. Austin was now in 3rd. "Austin just had to finish the race" was what the official said in order to win the tittle. He was satisfied with 3rd and man, Austin Adams was happy Friday night at the "Park". Jacob would come home in 2nd, saying it was a heavy, heavy, single file track, not letting him get Tom Georges. Doctor Tom  Georges ended up with the win at the El Paso Speedway Park for the USRA Dirt Modifieds for the final time this 2013 year! Austin Adams is the 2013 USRA Modifieds Champion at the "Park".
by Ruben Mireles