2013 Season Opener At The Park 
  The rumbling and the dirt has started to fly for the regular start to the 2013 Season Opener!! To kick it off we had the Casa Nissan Legends, Sisbarro Super Trucks, the D&S Road Side Street Stocks, and the 305 Sprint Cars!! 
  So for the first time, the Sisbarro Super Trucks take the track for the 2013 season and 9 trucks showed up to do battle!! The heat races for them were very slow. The main was quick!! 20 laps was to call, but for 9 trucks???? Well, there was a trick for that one. As  the top three drivers spread out, officials called a competition yellow, just to make things more fun!! So as the green flag waved,  they were off. It was the 44l of Ismael Garcia and the 6 of Walton Kyle, Sr. on the front. With two laps in it was already good!! Walton  slipped out of the back straight and Kenny Alonz in the 2a and Sherman Barnett in the 82 took advantage and they both went into the top three!! Kyle fell to sixth. So Kenny really took advantage as he was digging in the low line right next to your race leader!! But the yellow waved to slow things down, for Dave Deetz spinning to a stop. So Kenny is going to have to do it again!! On the restart it was 44l alone and the 2a, 82, right behind him. Sherman took control!! He's your new leader. Garrett Alberson, the "High Roller" was eating that high line and put up a fight!! With about half way through he found himself in third. With 8 to go, Sherman and Garrett made contact. Garrett tried to take it away but couldn't! Sherman led his final two laps of the night, then Garrett took over and found himself in victory circle!!! Top 5 were 43, 82, 44l, 6, 44.
  Up next was the Casa Nissan Legends taking the track for their 20 lap feature event. Allen Gattis showed the pace to the green flag with Tom Zuloaga to his outside. It was a Gattis show at first as the the Zuloaga brothers battled it out for second for a while. Allen just continued to run away. Getting to half way it was a Gattis show with the 21 and 25 up in your top two. But then watch out because the Zuloaga brothers were right behind with the Brady Labree in the 77 splitting them apart, leaving him in 4th. Lap traffic came into play with 6 to go!! The yellow waved for the 7 car of Luis Esquivel, spinning out right in front of your leaders!!  It continued to be a Gattis and  Zuloaga show, but lap traffic came into play again and Allen had to slow down.  The 10 of Tom Zuloaga gets through everything quickly and we had a new face in victory lane, Tom Zoualaga with his first ever main event win!! Top 5 were 10, 25, 21, 902, 77.
  Up next, the D&S Road Side Service Street Stocks' feature event. Donovan Flores in the 07 started on the outside pole and the #7 of Jerrad Warhurst was on pole. As the green flag waved and the 07 took off to lead, Jerrad, meanwhile was having problems with his car, he only had three shocks in his car!! So he was floating around your field. Then came "Unstoppable" Brandon Cruse. He was in 2nd(after winning the Dash for Cash). Donovan now had something to worry about!! Jason Ziehl, back in action in the 21z was in your top three. Donovan was in command as the Street Stocks were killing laps. Before you knew it, the black and white dropped at the stripe and you're race winner out of Las Cruces in the 07 was Donovan Flores!! Top 3 were 07, 25, 21z.
  Finally, the season opener for the 305 Sprint Cars was on. On the pole was the Midland, Texas driver in the 05, The "Joker" Billy Briley, with the fast and furious 131 of Royal Jones on the outside of row one. Sixteen cars checked in. The green flag waved and it was Billy Briley up on front but a quick yellow waved as Wes Wofford went sideways and ended on his side in turn three. The yellow would force the complete restart. Billy Briley was going to have to do it again. At the restart again was Royal Jones, who took notes, and he took advantage this time as the green waved. He led the opening laps. Then came "Wild Man" Kyle McCutheon behind the wheel of the Minks Motorsports #1 for the pass. Don Grabel moved into the top three. Royal was second. Not for long, though, because here comes Lorne Wofford! He was in the mix now, as he moved into 2nd, with Royal giving it his all to stay up in the top three. As Kyle McCutcheon held on, a new face was up in the top 5, Aaron Reutzul in the 21. Back into 3rd went Don Grable in the 148 car, but the yellow waved for Brandon Schure running over Billy Briley's front axle. Briley was done. At the restart, Kyle took off again and Lorne Wofford was flying. But at the end Lorne Wofford came up short! Your race winner hales out of Alamogordo, New Mexico, Kyle McCutcheon. 
  A DYNAMITE!! Season Opener for the 2013 racing year which is just getting started. If you didn't make it out last night don't forget we race every Friday night from April to September. This Friday night it's the return for the Barnett Harley Davidson USRA Western Modifieds along with the CDM Late Models, D&S Street Stocks, and Hornets. Don't forget you can always visit our website for more info at www.EPSpeedwayPark.com or call our offices at (915)791-8749.

Ruben Mireles