Dr. Tom Georges Wins USRA Feature Event
   The gates opened once again at the El Paso Speedway Park for the return of the USRA Dirt Modifieds, USRA Street Stocks, CDM Late Models, and added to the schedule the Herb 'N Legend X Mods.    
    The X Mods take the field for their 20 lap main event. Julian Garcia on the pole with Sergio Chao, Sr. to his outside. 19 X Mods made the call. The green waves and man, Sergio Chao, Sr. will get to work!! He will take off from your field and leave them in the dust. A yellow comes out forcing a complete restart. So Sergio is going to have to do it again. This time Sergio will hit the banking, sending him off the track to lose tons of positions. Coming to the front in
that fast 7c is John Carney, Sr. John is going to go for the lead, your current leader is Julian Garcia in 77g. John Carney, Sr. will give him no breathing space, racing him clean, and putting on a show for the fans!! John will not get past Julian, however, a few laps later Julian will have some problems and that will bring John to the lead. The track conditions came into play big time!! Paddy Rush in his Sun City Power Wash number 52tx was on the move. He came hot towards the front!!  Carney and he will have a battle for the lead with 4 to go and things just got good!! But a car spins, forcing things to slow down with a caution. For the restart Paddy Rush will get John Carny, Sr. with two laps to go!! Paddy Rush's car was good in the tacky track, and ended up taking the ' W ' for the Herb 'N
Legend USRA X mods.,
    The D&S Road Side Service Street Stocks come out for their 10 lap main event. Only 6 cars checked in!! On the pole is Chris Mijares in 17m and your outside pole starter is Jennifer Munn. The green flag waves and they're off. Donavon Flores is tagging the field, giving them a head start. He will step on the gas when they hit 1 and 2. Down the back straight, Munn, with not a great start, she loses positions. It's the battle for the lead between Danny Dorado and Garrett Stearns. Stearns, with only about 6 races in him is doing good up on front. He will hold off Danny after Danny messes up, then the 27 of Bobby Kimpel, Jr. will give him something to worry about. He will mess up as well later on. You know Donavon Flores is on the move as well, he's in second already, only 4 laps in!!! With 6 to go Flores has caught up to Garrett Stearns, Garret  battled him for a lap. Flores will pass him with 5 to go. Flores takes it to victory lane once again. Donavon Flores has so many wins he is leading the USRA National Points by over OneThousand points!!!! If Flores wins 3 more main events in the Street Stocks he will have maxxed points in USRA National scoring. That is a HUGE accomplishment by Donavon Flores in his #07.
    The CDM Late Models up next for there main event. Your front row, the 77yr old Sherman Barnett and "Chief" Cliff Hansen in his 911. There were 7 cars, but the Batteries+Bulbs number 43 of Garrett Alberson had engine problems. Garrett drove the 12a of Dave Deetz Racing. Garrett will have to start in the back for making a driver change into the 12a car. So the green flag waves and they're off!! Barnett will get to work quickly. Garrett, in the 12a is battling in the top 5. Cliff Hansen is in your top 3!! He will go at it with Donnie Newcomb and while they battle it's a Barnett show up in front. By the time you knew the 'Shermanator' takes the win for the CDM Late Models.
    The USRA Dirt Modifieds take the track for their 25 lap main event. Mercedes Harris is on the pole for her last night of racing a Modified, she's moving up to a CDM Late Model. To her outside is the #28 of Dr.Tom Georges. The green flag waves and Tom Georges takes off. I mean TAKES OFF!! He will lead lap one but the yellow waving for Mercedes with problems on the top of 4 has everything coming to a stop. On the restart Tom will get back to work and he is flying in that 28 car.  Cars are just leaving the track, too hard on their motors as it was a very tacky "hammer down"
track!! 19 cars started, only five left on the field towards the end of the race. So with about 5 to go, Royal Jones in his Fast 'N Furious 131 is up in front with Tom Georges. Tom has something to worry about and Royal will take it down low with an advantage out of turn two but just not able to clear him. Jones is going to race him clean and take his quarter inch to the left to avoid hitting Tom. With that, Royal would not have enough time to get Doctor Tom Geroges. Tom picked up his 2nd victory of the year!!! Royal Jones has 2nd, Austin Adams is 3rd, Holly Jones finishes 4th.
by Ruben Mireles