Royal Jones Wins Renegade 305 Winged Sprints
   The gates opened once again for a fun thrill night of racing. It was the return of the Renegade ASCS 305 Sprint Cars, Herb N Legend USRA Xmods, Casa Nissan Legends, and the USRA Street Stocks. 
  The X-mods are up first and 24 cars making the call!! Your front row, Sam Alonso in 66 and the m1z of Javier Zapien Jr. The caution lights are out. Into three and four they're looking for the green. Javier will get to work he will show the way and here comes Alex Gonzalez. Alex is fast tonight, he's going for the lead but a lot of things stopping him. The yellow will wave. Javier will not have a good start, Alex to the lead. But later on Alex will get loose forcing to lose the lead. But Christy Georges working her self to the front and she has Patrick Carney right behind her!! But too many yellows making the officials call it with 11 laps to go. So Christy Georges will take it to victory lane. 
   The Casa Nissan Legends take the track for there 15 lap main event. The Zuloaga brothers going at it for second Steven Arellano will battle for your top 5. Battles all over the track, and the only driver who was not stuck in a battle was Robert Sheppard. He was just super fast in the low line, he will take it to victory lane for the Legends.

   The USRA D&S Street Stocks are up next. 11 cars make the call. Iris Neri and Gil Almanza your front row. Donavon started out side row 4 with John McDaniel to his inside. The green flag waves and they're off. In the first lap John and Donavon will take off and they're up on front in no time. With that the race is just between them two. John will fall short and Donavon will take another victory in El Paso. Donavon Flores is going for the USRA championship.

  The Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars are up next with 14 cars making the call. The green waves and Royal Jones takes off. He will get to work but you know Lorne Wofford is coming, he will move up to second and he will have your runner up position. Anton Salopek going with Don Grable for 3rd. Anton his first time in El Paso this 2013 season. He will finish fourth and Royal on restarts was just better than Lorne Wofford. So the 131 of Royal Jones goes to victory lane. 
by Ruben Mireles