CDM Late Models At El Paso Speedway Park
   The El Paso Speedway Park opened its gates again for a fast night of racing. It was the return the of USRA Modifieds, CSR Garage Hornets, USRA D&S Road Side Service Street Stocks. and the CDM Super Late Models.
  So the USRA D&S Road Side Service Street Stocks. Sixteen street stocks showed up to do battle and boy did they battle. Your front row Anthony Vega in 2 and Scott Turner in 00et. Anthony Vega will dominate, he won his heat, and he's leading the main. But with 13 laps to go you know you can't go a race without seeing Donavon Flores up on front. Well, he will get the lead with 13 laps left. Anthony Vega's luck will not get any better, he will put his number 2 car on it's SIDE!!! The 2 of Vega will be done. But on the restart, Donavon will take off and will add another "W" to the collection. 
  The second main to the track came out and  had the fans scratching their heads wondering why are they second. Well the CDM Super Late Models are the feather. So the USRA Dirt Modifieds will have 17 cars and 20 laps. Bumper Jones, on the pole and he takes off. But later in the race here come the Gallardos. They're battling for 2nd. Then Fito knows it's go time, he will pass Jacob and try to get Bumper but Bumper will just over power him the whole way. So your winner in the 111 is Bumper Jones.   
   The CSR Garage Hornets get 10 laps around the El Paso Speedway Park. 8 Hornets make the call. Rudy Tarin  III started in last and he's up to 2nd. But his dad is just not going to let him take control, dad will get to work early on and take the lead. As Rudy Tarin ,Jr. will take off, the battle on the track is for the lead, but man, 10 laps will fly by quick and Rudy Tarin, Jr. will hold the win at the Park, his son, Rudy Tarin III gets second.
  The rain almost stopped us again but the CDM Super Late Models presented by Indy Screen Print will get on there way. Lonnie Parker will get to work QUICK!! He knows he has RC Whitwell, Bumper Jones, and Garrett Alberson with Scott Lewis are right behind him as they were there. The opening laps it was Lonnie, Bumper, RC Whitwell, Joey Moriarty, and Garrett Alberson. But the yellow will wave for Jonathan Ortega being spun by Garrett Alberson. But Garrett had to go. He was fighting for you top 5 with Scott Lewis. The home town hero Garrett in your top 5. 
   Bumper Jones for the restart will now use the low line around the park and boy he was super close to getting Lonnie in the start but Lonnie will over power him. The yellow will waive with 3 cars stuck together in turn 4. Captian Cliff Hansen, Sean Bray, and Johnathan Ortega. Ortega with a blown radiator in that wreck. Sean with broken bars in the chassis. But all three of them are done for the night. 
  On the restart Bumper picked the high line, and that changed the whole game. RC Whitwell made it happen in the restart!!! RC WHITWELL YOUR NEW LEADER. But NOW THINGS ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!! Here comes Garrett Alberson!! He will go for 2nd off Lonnie Parker. Bumper falls to 4th. Parker, 3rd. 2nd is Alberson, but he will try to get RC Whitwell. The problem is that Garrett can't get any ground on him. Whitwell holds on. But you know lap traffic comes into play again. RC going 3 WIDE WITH LAP TRAFFIC!!! GARRETT  HAS NO LUCK WITH THAT.
  But now they will clear the lapped traffic. It's a 'do or die' race!!! THE LAST TURNS OF THE RACE, GARRETT DIVES IT DOWN LOW FOR THE WIN. WHITWELL WILL LOSE IT BUT ONLY FOR SECONDS, BECAUSE GARRETT COULDN'T MAKE IT STICK!!!!!! Garrett overshoots the banking in 4!!! BUT WHAT A FINISH!!!!!!! RC Whitwell takes the win once again for the CDM Super Late Model Series Presented by Indy Screen Print. 
by Ruben Mireles