Kyle McCutcheon Bests 305 Renegades At The Park
    El Paso Speedway Park opened it's gates once again for the return of the USRA D&S Road Side Street Stocks, Hornets, Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest, USRA Herb 'N Legend X mods, and the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprints. It was Border International Night at the races. Also, we celebrated with a "DYNAMITE" firework show for Independence day, and music by Loretta's Barbed Wire Band. It was all presented by KHEY Country 96.3.
  The USRA X Mods take the track for 25 laps of action. Your front row is the 2J of Donnie Newcomb and Sam Alonso in 66. The green flag waves, 23 cars get to work. Sam Alonso will dominate, but then he will have problems forcing him to loose tons of positions. The M1Z of Javier Zapin, Jr. will lead, with Billy McDaniel all over him trying to take the lead. Later in the race that 17 of McDaniel will take the lead and he will not let it go after that. Billy McDaniel wins the X Mod main event.    
by Ruben Mireles
  The Casa Nissan Legends take the track for their 15 lap main event. The 41z of Joe Alvarado is trying to take the lead in lap number one, but he will hit the banking. Brady Labree will get the lead early on in the race. The only battle on the track is the 41z of Joe Alvarado and the 7 of Luis Esquivel for the top 5. Later on, Joe will win that battle and come back to second, though he will have nothing for Brady Labree in 77. So your winner in convincing fashion is #77 Brady Labree.
  Up next are the USRA Street Stocks. Twenty one cars check in to do battle. Twenty five laps on the scoreboard. Jesse Holmes will get the lead. A first time appearance in the 2013 season, Paul Telles, Jr. in his 48t has your top 5. A yellow comes out, and on the restart the 74v of Jesse Holmes spins out the 25 of Brandon Cruse. Cruse will get his position back, Holmes to the rear. Brandon Cruse will show the way, but look who he has behind him. He started 21st and is up to second, Donavon Flores!! With 11 laps left, one more yellow and officials will end the race. So Brandon Cruse will get back to work. Flores will get him down the back straight away, THEY ARE SIDE BY SIDE FOR THE LEAD AND FLORES SPINS BRANDON CRUSE!! So the yellow came out, officials ended the race but the question is who won? Due to USRA rules, Donavon spun Brandon out so, if we were to have another restart, Flores would go the the back and Brandon stays with the lead. Therefore, Brandon Cruse is back and will pick up the win for the USRA Street Stocks!! 
   The Hornets come out for their main event. 8 Hornets made the call. Rudy Tarin, Jr. in 28t will show the way, then Rudy Tarin III in 2nd. So it's a Tarin show up on front, until the mr13 has to pull into the pits with a flat tire. So Larry Maag moves into second. Trying to get past Rudy Tarin, Jr. Rudy will hold on for another victory in El Paso for the Hornets!!
  Then the roar of the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprints is heard and they come out for 20 laps of fast racing action. The "Wildman" Kyle McCutcheon gets to work, he will get the lead. Cesar Fuentes will work himself to the front. But Royal Jones TIPS OVER IN TURN TWO, trying to clear Dillan Harris, who had just spun to a stop. On the restart Kyle just takes off. Don Grable, getting a little loose and Fuentes moves into second. But Fuentes will have nothing for Kyle McCutcheon. The "WILDMAN" motors to victory lane once again in his #5 car.