Coming to the speedway before it opens is something to see. The pit once a dirt lot, slowly fills with drivers, crews, the cars and huge trailers used to haul a drivers "toolbox". This past weekend the pit was filled with Sprints, Xmods, Street Stocks and the Super Trucks. Something a fan of Sprints should know is that the wings are detachable and every Sprint driver puts them on as they prep their car for the race. Once the pit is full and everyone is bustling, I went on to see what makes the speedway, the speedway. 
   Drivers have a meeting and there is a board that let's all the drivers know when their race begins and the line up. 
   The best part of being behind the scenes was experiencing the El Paso Speedway from the heart of the track. Going out to the center of the track as the Sprints readied the track was jaw dropping. To see a car so compact glide across mud almost in a drifting movement...there are no words to explain being in the middle of the track as cars drive past you. Back in the pit, the drivers are ready!
  Just for you fans, in the pit there is a red and green light so when it's red, the cars get themselves in their lineup. At green they drive out to give you the show of a lifetime. Oh, another speedway fact! Did you know drivers put a solution or even baby oil on their cars to prevent the mud from sticking and weighing the car down? Then, after a race about 3 to 4 crew member plus the driver take time and scrape the mud that did stick. Talk about a dirty situation.
   Ah! That's all behind the
scenes for now folks but I sincerely encourage you to come on down to the El Paso Speedway and have a good time. Bring you family, your kids or even a date and watch an evening filled with racing.
Drive on!