The El Paso Speedway Park was rumbling with the 900 horse power engines of the USRA DIRT MODIFIEDS! Also along were the Herb-n-Legend X Mods, the Casa Nissan Legends, and the D&S  Street Stocks.
    The Herb-n-Legend X Mods had 21 cars check in to do battle. Alex Gonzalez would get to an early lead, only he will mess up, and here comes Christy Georges. Georges will show the way, but keep a eye on the driver that has won a main event in Tucson, and won the Hatten Memorial early this year, and has just been dominating everywhere, Gregory Gorham. He battled Christy for the lead, and would eventually get it. His dad, Dickie Gorham,
moved to 2nd. The Gorhams dominated the X Mod main as Gregory Gorham ended up with the win!! 
   Let's talk some street stock action!! Race fans, this class gave you guys what your money was worth!! Donavon Flores, of course, was starting in the back. The "Boogieman" Troy Wells, driving the 711, would take the lead. He would show the way by a straight away, but here comes Flores. This is where the good part comes. With such a great race track, these guys could run anywhere. SO FLORES CAUGHT UP TO TROY AND THEY'RE SIDE BY SIDE FOR 4 LAPS!!! Flores was good on the bottom entering the turns, but not good in the exits. Troy, on the other hand, was the oppos-ite. They're still side by side!! Fans are going nuts, and are off their seats. FLOES, WITH AN AMAZING MOVE, would take it up high in the straight away and took it as low as he can in the turns with 1 lap to go!! He makes it stick and passed Troy Wells for the win!!! They blew the roof off the place, even though we don't have one!!! 
   The Legends had such a great track to put on one heck of a race!! Kevin Buntin was on the pole with Ralph Fountain to his outside. The Zuloaga brothers have been putting on a show this whole season. They would go at it for the top 5. Tom, Mike and Steven would go 3 wide!! These guys were all racing hard for position. Things started to calm down. Tom Zuloaga battled Kevin Buntin for the lead. They went at it side by side. Kevin would lose that battle, as Tom would take it. He would not give it away and took the win for the Casa Nissan Legends.
    The USRA Dirt Modifieds put on a good show, so let's tell you about it. Fito Gallardo started on the outside pole. He would get to work quickly!! He would show the way. Jacob Gallardo, on the other hand, started 6th and moved up quickly!! The "Fast N Furious" 131 of Royal Jones was in the mix. But Jones would battle a tight race car. Christy Georges, on a restart, would take advantage of that and pass Royal for 3rd. Jacob was running 2nd. Fito was just gone from you're field, he would win by a whole straight away. The top 4 were Fito Gallardo, Jacob Gallardo, Christy Georges, and Royal Jones.
by Ruben Mireles