John Carney, Jr. Scores Big With Feature Win Of ASCS Regional 305 Winged Sprint At El Paso Speedway Park
  The El Paso Speedway Park ended the month of August with a BAM!!! The fans went nuts for the return of the Renegade ASCS 305 Sprint Cars, this time it was a Regionals Points Event. The Sprints were joined by the USRA Street Stocks, Casa Nissan Legends, Herb-n-Legends Xmods, and the Hornets.
  So, let's take you to the action. With no rain in the day's forecast, the track was ready for action. The first main event was the Casa Nissan Legends' race and man, were they everywhere! In the beginning, there was a drag race for the lead between Brady Labree and Kevin Buntyn. They were side by side, and shuffling all over the place for the lead. It was Labree who took advantage. A yellow came out for a spun car. Buntyn tried again on the restart to get Labree. That wouldn't happen as Labree took off. Mike Zuloaga and Tom Zuloaga were going at it for 3rd. Suddenly, Kevin lost tons of track position. His car wouldn't go. So, with that challenge gone, Labree showed the way. The Zuloaga Bro's continued to battle for 2nd, but let's keep on eye on Robert Sheppard. He started towards the back and has passing cars left and right, moving all the way to 4th. He was trying to pass the Zuloaga Brothers, but Robert ran out of time and Brady Labree takes the win.  He was followed by Mike & Tom Zuloaga, Robert Sheppard and Chris Ray for the top 5. 
Main Event Winners JohnCarney, Jr. (ASCS 305 Sprints), Larry Maag (Hornets), Chris Showers (Street Stocks), Mingo Jauregui (X Mods), Brady Labree (Legends)(not shown).
   The track was fast for the USRA Street Stocks! They put on one heck of a show. This season, we always keep an eye on Donavon Flores, but tonight he ended his night 16 laps shy of the end. So, Iris Neri was leading the opening laps. Ted Cain was following in second, but here comes Bobby Kimple!! Kimple was on fire. He took the lead for a short run, but hold on. The rookie Christian Showers, in his #510, was going 3 WIDE FOR THE LEAD!! He takes it away. His teammate Jerrad Warhurst followed. They were running 1 and 2. They had the set up,leaving the field in the dust! Christian Showers was racing the car Brandon Cruse started the season in, although he did not own the car. Christian bought it from Robbie Davis, and now is enjoying to same success Brandon Cruse had. He led the whole race at Southern New Mexico Speedway last week, losing it at the end to Donavon Flores by a few feet!! Tonight he got it done at the "PARK", on only his 4th time here. 
  The Hornets put on a good show for the amount of cars they had. Five cars made the call, as Andre Gonzalez showed the way early on. The "MAAG" Larry Maag took it away quickly! Ben Ives, his teammate, moved to 2nd. Now there was a battle in the Hornets, as Larry Maag trying to hold off Ben Ives!! Ives would try the bottom, it was there but Maag was using the bottom. So Ben, instead, takes it up high and tries there, he almost over shot it. He switched to the middle, and man, he was flying, until he got loose on the front straight and couldn't make the pass on Larry Maag. The ten laps were over and Larry Maag takes the win for the Hornets main!! 
  The fans were ready for the Herb-n-Legends X Mods, but the X Mods would race last tonight. The Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars were taking the track for 25 laps. Boy, just looking at the line up, it was already "DYNAMITE"!!! Don Grable and John 

Carney, Jr. are your first row, and the second row was Royal Jones and Lorne Wofford. At the drop of the green, Carney, Jr. showed the way. Wofford knew he had something to deal with tonight. Royal Jones was trying to hold on to the top 5. The Houston, Texas racer Aaron Reutzel worked himself into 3rd. Royal slammed the door and stepped on the gas!! He was battling Aaron for 3rd. Meanwhile, the fans went nuts, because John Carney the II was in control  but here comes Lorne Wofford! THEY WERE SIDE BY SIDE FOR THE LEAD!! Lorne was using the high line entering 3&4. He was getting him there, but not in the exit!! WOFFORD HAD A RUN ON THE STRAIGHT AWAY! They were still side by side. Now, to make things more interesting, lap traffic came into play. Carney waisted no time!! He passed two lap cars in 3&4. He almost wrecked but he saved it!! Lorne Wofford would spend a little bit more time on lap traffic, but he would get by. Carney, Jr. was holding on. Going back to the battle with Aaron and Royal Jones, Jones passed him for third. At the checkers, though, ending up in victory lane was JOHN CARNEY, Jr.!! He had to thank Rick Lovelady for letting him drive the #7 car for this spacial event. 

  The final main event of the night was at hand. The Herb' N Legend X Mods had 17 cars check in. Javier Zapin, Jr. showed the way in the beginning until his engine blew up!!! Christy Georges was in the hunt. The green waved for the restart and Christy and Alex Gonzalez were side by side for 2nd, but here comes Mingo Jauregui!! He takes the lead and would not let go! Patrick Carney was fighting for a top 5. John Carney, Sr. moved to 3rd. He tried to pass Christy Geroges, but couldn't get that done. Later, on a restart, he made the pass stick. By the time he did, Mingo was just, well, gone with this one!! It's been a while since we have seen Jauregui in Victory Lane. We saw him dominate about 3 years ago in street stocks. Now, he hopes he has it dialed in for the $5,000.00 West Texas Shoot Out!! His crew and fans were excited on his first X Mod carrier win.
by Ruben Mireles