Fan Appreciation Night was one of the biggest nights El Paso Speedway Park has had this season, but we couldn't have done it without 96.3 KHEY Country!! We have to thank all the fans that were in attendance. The fans got a treat as it was the return of the CDM Late Models, USRA D&S Street Stocks, Casa Nissan Legends, Super Trucks, and the USRA Dirt Modifieds.  
   Ten Super Trucks checked in for a 15 lap main event. Kenny Alons and Donnie Newcomb were putting up a good battle for 2nd. That would settle down after a yellow came out for a truck hitting the wall. At the restart, Ismael Garcia took the lead, he would not let go. He just took off. Sherman Barnett was a distant second. He trted, but Ismael was too fast and took it to Victory Lane!! Sherman Barnett and Ismael Garcia are tight in points!! They are not more than 5 points apart!! Let's see how it plays out when they come back!
Main Event Winners From Friday Aug. 23rd are Fito Gallardo (USRA Modifieds), Ismael Garcia (Super Trucks), Scott Logston (Late Models), Donavon Flores (Street Stocks), Joe Alvarado (Legends).
    The CDM Late Models put on an outstanding show for the fans!! Donnie Newcomb worked hard to start on the pole. He would lead early on, Scott Logston moving into 2nd quickly. Garrett Alberson and Fito Gallardo were also on the move. Fito moved to 3rd in no time. He blistered the field in the heat race, and was trying to get it done in the main. He wanted to get around Logston for the runner up spot. Logston was glued to that spot. Donnie, with 10 laps in, he lost the lead! Donnie checked up, opening the door for Logston. Half way in, Scott Logston took over and showed the way. Fito Gallardo lost brakes!! His right front brake rotor was just spinning, so his night would come to a end. Garrett Alberson and Scott Logston were running first and second. With 3 laps to go, Garrett was catching him, little by little. Time ran out for Alberson, though. So, picking up the win in his #7 is Scott Logston!!! As we near the end of the season, Garrett leads the point standings, and Logston is in second by 50 points. Now is the time for Logston to make a move!! 
  After the CDM Late Models it was the Casa Nissan Legends. Fifteen Legends made the call. Mike Zuloaga came in as the points leader. He has nothing to worry about. His brother Tom sits second in points. They had a 15 lap main event. Luis Esquivel and Tristin Gattis started on the first row. The green flag waved and they got to work. Joe Alvarado went 3 WIDE FOR THE LEAD ON LAP ONE!!!! He stole it away from Esquivel. Kevin Buntyn put up a great battle for 2nd with Mike Zuloaga. They battled for a couple of laps, side by side. Zuloaga won the position. Then, Mike went all in on the high line of the speedway. He was challenging the 41z of Alvarado. Joe would not let go. He was faster on the bottom, Mike slower on top. Kevin Buntyn challenged Mike for 2nd again, but it was still early in the race and Mike would take it away. Things did settle down. With 4 laps to go, Joe Alvarado took it away from Mike and rode it to Victory Lane!! 
    The USRA D&S Street Stocks, after putting on a breath taking show in the heat races, answered the call to staging. It was time to see what they had in store for the main event. Nineteen cars paraded past, with Donavon Flores starting 19th. Any driver who starts 14th or farther back and comes up to win the main wins an extra $100.00 added by Chem Station. 20 laps was the scheduled distance. Veronica Gonzalez would lead the opening laps. With six laps in, look who was in the hunt, no other than "FIREBALL" Donavon Flores!! He would lead lap number 6. Robert Vega was on the gas and he would not let Flores go. But Flores just ran away and took it all the way to Victory Lane once again!! 
    The USRA Dirt Modifieds came out better than ever, as "Dr." Tom Georges and Austin Adams started on the front row. At the green, Tom took off and dominated the way. Fito Gallardo spun in turns 1 and 2. He had to go to the back. On the restart, the #28 went back to work!! He led the way, with Royal Jones following and Austin Adams behind him. Hold on though, as here comes Fito Gallardo once again. He had moved all the way up to 2nd!! Into one and two, Tom Georges had company. Fito Gallardo was eating his back bumper. Next time around, a yellow came out for your leaders!! It was too hard to call. It looked like Fito clipped Tom Georges back bumper and spun him out, but at the same it looked like Tom had gotten loose. Even the replay was no help. Officials called that Tom Georges had spun. So, Tom would go to the back, with Fito taking the point. On the restart, Fito Gallardo showed the way, in fact, all the way to another zip code. Royal Jones and Jimmy Ray were running 2nd and a close 3rd, but were never close to the leader. Jimmy Ray went around Jones for 2nd. Austin was passed by Jacob Gallardo for 4th. At the checkered flag, it was Fito getting there first and ROYAL JONES WOULD PASS JIMMY AND GET 2ND BY INCHES!!!!! IT WAS A PHOTO FINISH FOR 2ND!  Royal got it, then Jimmy Ray. The top 4 was completed by Jacob Gallardo. 
  The fans did deserve the $1 Night at the "Park". It was a great turn out with a whole bunch of chills and thrills. A lot of fans, and drivers, too, left the speedway with a good note. The El Paso Speedway Park wants to thank 96.3 KHEY Country for everything they do for us. Make sure to tune into El Paso's #1 Country station during the week!! 
by Ruben Mireles