The El Paso Speedway Park was invaded by the CDM Super Late Models, as it was the return of the CDM Super Late Model Series Presented by Indy Screen Print. Also joining the Super Late Models were the USRA Street Stocks, Hornets, and the Herb`N Legend X Mods. 
  The Herb' N Legend X mods came out for 20 laps of action. Alex Gonzalez would show the way early on. He would later on get passed by Christy Georges. The battle on the track was the Carney's. They battled it out for the top 4. John would win that. Paddy Rush had to fight for 2nd. Every single car was probably in the top 5. They went at it like cats and dogs!! But after so many yellows too, Christy would still hold on. She would take it to victory lane. 
  The Hornets came out to do battle for 15 laps, and they put on a good show. Larry Maag and Rudy Tarin the III would go at it for the lead. Later on, Ben Ives, in his 74 machine, would get super loose in turns 3 & 4, and Devon Smith would spin to avoid what looked like Ben Ives going into a spin. So Devon spun and almost FLIPPED IT!! But Devon keeps it on all four wheels. On the restart, Larry Maag knows Benny Pena and Rudy Tarin the III are right behind him. Larry Maag would hold on for the win!! 
  The USRA Street Stocks had 13 cars. 15 laps was the scheduled distance. A wild start, but later on Donavon Flores would come from the back in 2 laps!! Anthony Vega would put up a fight though!! They would go side by side. The high line was Donavon's line. Anthony was just a little slower on the bottom. Flores would take the win. Garrett Sterns came in 3rd and he worked for that one as Robert Vega gave him a run for his money. 
   The CDM Super Late Models Series Presented by Indy Screen Print was finally up. Garrett Alberson was piloting the 12a of Dave Deetz. He won his heat, made the dash, and won the dash. In the Rajin Racewear Dash, R.C Whitwell's engine gave up. It broke the rockers, and a bunch more. So his weekend was done. Lonnie Parker started outside pole. Bumper Jones and Fito Gallardo were row two. But look at this, since Sherman Barnett sponsors R.C. Whitwell,Sherman let R.C drive his 82 car in the main. In the main, R.C was going to start 5th. Since he changed cars he will start in the back!! Out of turn four the green flag action got on their way. Garrett Alberson jumped to an early lead, with Bumper Jones all over his tail!! Lonnie Parker would battle Bumper but would loose it to Jones. Fito Gallardo and Scott Lewis had a good battle, Mercedes Ambercrombie would pass them both for 4th!! She would hit the top of 3 & 4, and send herself back to 6th. Garrett and Bumper were still battling for the lead, but laps would click off quickly. Garrett Alberson, in his Batteries+Bulbs, Rio Grand Foot Clinic, Argyle Welding Supply #12a would take it to victory lane!! He has won the series championship but has never won the home town event. But tonight he finally got the "W" in his home town. 
by Ruben Mireles