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Aug. 16th Winners Lorne Wofford (Winged Sprints), John Carney, Sr. (XMods), Jerrad Warhurst(Street Stocks), Larry Maag (Hornets).
   The El Paso Speedway Park opened the gates once again to the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars, after a month and a half hiatus. They were supported by the USRA Herb-n-Legend X Mods, USRA D&S ROAD SERICE Street Stocks, and the Hornets. As Mother Nature showered the El Paso Speedway Park during the week, the 20 minute soaker as the racers were arriving was disappointing, to say the least. It made for slow heat races and a ton of car de-mudding for the crews, but Mother Nature always makes great race tracks. Those mains were 'DYNA-MITE' FAST!! 
   Let's jump into the action as the USRA Herb-n-Legend X Mods had 20 laps scheduled for 17 cars. The green flag waved and boy, that track was race ready for some but not for others as three top 5 cars over shoot the exit of turn 2. John Carney, Sr. took advantage. He moved into 2nd, Javier Zapin, Jr. was one of the drivers who over shot turn 2. He got back on the gas and took the lead. Javier and Carney, Sr. battled it out for a couple of laps. John eventually won that battle. Christy Georges, after not starting her heat race, started 18th. Well, she came up to 2nd as if everyone was parked!! Everyone but Carney, that is. She tried to catch up to John, but he was to fast, and lap traffic would hurt Georges. John Carney, Sr. took his 7c to victory lane!! 
  The USRA Street Stocks had a fast track for their 20 lap main event. In the beginning stages of the race, we couldn't go 5 laps without a caution. Officials did take 5 laps off due to the extra time needed. With 9 to go, it was Jerrad Warhurst who led the way. More yellows came out, making the official call for a green, white, checkered final two laps. Jerrad Warhurst was on pole, a good position, but Donavon Flores was right on his tail. Those last 2 laps were amazing. They went side by side for the lead!! The fans were going nuts!! Flores was better in the entrance of the turns, Jerrad better in the exit. They were still side by side at the wave of the white flag, but Flores  got loose in the exit of four and Jerrad took off. Jerrad Warhurst has 2 wins in a row!   
  The Hornets had 10 laps for 6 car. They put a good show, as on the first lap, Abe Gonzalez in his 69 got loose on the front straight and hit the 74 of Ben Ives in the right front of his car. Ben almost caught air, but his car was done for the night. On the restart, Larry Maag would show the way. They spread out and the battle was on for 2nd place. Andre Gonzalez was fast at the end. He passed Rudy Tarin the III for 2nd. But the "MAAGGG" Lary Maag took it to victory lane for a 2nd win strike at the El Paso Speedway Park.  
   Park fans were beyond ready for the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars. Lorne Wofford was on the pole position with a brand new Eagle chassis. Lorne went to the Knoxville Nationals, and ran to a top 10 finish in the 305 class. At the green he took off! Wes Wofford started in the back and he would get to work. He also had a new Eagle chassis. Next
thing you know, a red flag comes out for Dylan Harris. He went for a wild ride in the exit of turn 2. On the restart, Lorne Wofford would show the way. He gassed it out of 4. Cesar Fuentes his crew gave him an excellent car. That car was flying left and right. He went up to 3rd, after starting 8th. Aaron Reutzel, in his 21, battled him for 2nd, Cesar held his line. Aaron bumped and ground on him in turn 2. He was all over the track trying to pass him. But Cesar held him off!! A yellow came out as the race neared the end. Brandon Shure was racing in 2nd, until the last restart. Cesar Fuentes passed him for 2nd. Lorne Wofford was faster then Cesar Fuentes, but with about 3 to go, Cesar was catching him like a train off the rail road tracks!!! But it was a 25 lap main event and time ran out for Cesar Fuentes in his #27. Lorne Wofford, out of Alamogordo, New Mexico, took the win for the return of the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars!! Cesar Fuentes came in 2nd, then Brandon Schure in the top 3.
by Ruben Mireles