It was November 1st, and the El Paso Speedway Park opened the month with a "BANG"!! The ASCS National Tour was back with 34 Lucas Oil Sprint cars checking in. Bryan Hulbert has the story for the sprint cars. The ASCS Sprint Cars were joined by the Casa Nissan Legends of the southwest, and the USRA Herb 'N Legend X-mods. 
  The Casa Nissan Legends put on one heck of a show! As Joe Alvarado was on the move early until Brady Labree took the lead. Steven Arellano was following him right behind his back bumper trying to take the lead. But later Steven would spin in the exit of turn two, forcing a yellow. 
  In the restart CJ Hulsey would come up and put his name in the hat. Hulsey would battle Labree for the lead they would go side by side. CJ Hulsey would get the lead. Now Tom Zuloaga was in 3rd. 
  Later at the wave of the white flag, Dusty started to push a little more. He spun the tires just enough for CJ Hulsey to get some breathing space in between him and Dusty Riggs. Time had run out for the Hatch, New Mexico racer, Dusty Riggs. 
  Your winner for the Casa Nissan Legends was CJ Hulsey in the Hoist Rapid Rehydration, Roaring Lion energy drink J&J Enterprises #77c. 
    In the Herb 'N Legend USRA X-mods it was a interesting one. Early in the race Tudy Barela was in front with Patrick Carney. Carney would run away. A yellow would wave later on as Javier Zapin Jr spun in turn's 3 and 4. 
    Gregory Gorham had a car to beat as he was running in the runner up spot. Patrick Carney was just a little bit smoother. The Track was in 110% shape. Gregory started using the middle of the track. It was coming in but the bad part was the #93 had ran out of time. 
  Patrick Carney after having a run he didn't was last week in the West Texas Shootout, he recovers with a win tonight!! As he just blistered your field. In the #5x Rapid Rehydration, Hoist Rapid Rehydration, Patrick Carney race cars, Pine Top Construction, and John Carney racing engines # 5x once again in victory lane. 
  Another "DYNAMITE" year in the books for the El Paso Speedway Park. As this was the last night the lights shined around the Park this 2013 year. We want to thank all the wonderful loyal fans for coming this year! All of our sponsors, and staff. Hope to see you all in 2014! As the next chapter will begin in January for the NDRL Kings of Dirt Late Models.
Winners from the ASCS National Tour 360's night at the Park were Christopher Bell (ASCS Winged Sprints), Patrick Carney (X Mods), C J Hulsey ( Casa Nissan Legends).
by Ruben Mireles